The best way to start 2017 is to gather sales and marketing team together for a series of planning sessions to get everyone aligned and headed in the same direction. This year will be a challenging year for healthcare market and sales leaders as more patients use the availability of service […]

2017 Value-Based Strategy to Gain Market Traction

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Next Generation ACO Aligns Post-Acute Providers   Using Telehealth to Advance Value-Based Care Expanded participation in advanced APMs drew some positive early reactions from physicians and their advocates despite the uncertain effects. Until now, there doesn’t seem to be a good glide path to get a clear strategy on risk […]

Opportunity for a Greater Latitude:

3 Tips to Master Quality Healthcare providers need to make an intelligent decision on MACRA. According to Deloitte Research. 74 percent of surveyed physicians believe that performance reporting is burdensome and 79 percent do not support tying compensation to quality, both requirements under the payment reform legislation. 1   To […]

MACRA Explained:

Journey to Value Based Care Investment in healthcare services is rising. Consumers are yearning for convenience, simplicity, speed and immediate satisfaction. According to Accenture, funding for on-demand health services will quadruple by 2017, growing to nearly a billion dollars in annual investment 1. In Deloitte’s most recent Retail Capability Survey […]

Population Health Management

Overview As we charge headlong into the future, those of us in the healthcare industry are striving to create a better system that achieves higher quality at lower costs. From the recent State Union Address, Obama said, calling Social Security and Medicare “more important than ever.” Healthcare costs will become a […]

Insights affecting Healthcare

Overview Advancing a patient-centered health system requires a fundamental transformation in how physician deliver care. During the past five years, we have seen significant action taken by the government and private payers to move physician reimbursement to creation of alternative payment models- Medicare Access and CHIP Restoration Act of 2015 (MACRA) . […]

Physician Enterprise Market