Care Coordination

Uncertainty surrounding the healthcare regulatory landscape will be top of mind for health plan leaders for 2017. 1 Five percent of the U.S. population accounts for fifty percent of healthcare expenditures. 2 Many physician referrals go awry when questions aren’t asked and guesses are made about the status of the patient, tests that were taken, missing documentation and more.


  • Traditionally Referral and Communication back to the specialist to PCP is hit-or-miss. Often a physician in a referral agreement neglects to clarify a particular aspect of a case or doesn’t think to ask the opinion of the other doctors, which can lead to a lack of productivity for the patient’s health.


care coordination via pervanence


  • Care management for these chronically ill patients has been proven to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Having your referral program outsources can help you cut out unnecessary paperwork, communication, tracking and management that could also slow down the overall patient care process.


care coordination via pervanence


Guesswork should never be acceptable and it shouldn’t have to be the patient’s job to stay on top of the exchange of necessary paperwork and information. Pervanence can help by acting care coordinator who can reach out to the patient and make sure that the referrals are working smoothly. We ensure ensure referral network remains efficient overtime and provides a quick process for patients is to do inspections and audits of the process on a quarterly or annually basis.


Pervanence build partnership with the care team connections, making sure appointments happen and that data flows both ways, and netting positive income from Medicare for the service.