Sales & Marketing

Many companies struggle to get marketing and sales on the same side despite the fact that both teams share a common goal – to drive revenue. According to research from Marketo and ReachForce, half of sales’ time is spent on unproductive prospecting, with sales ignoring as much as 80% of marketing leads. 1 As buyers gain access to more information and research, healthcare industry has to prepare the sales team with the necessary information and content to continue to add value to existing relationships with leads.

sales and marketing

Pervanence believes that the secret to a successful healthcare facility ultimately boils down to the fact that they are able to execute their message more effectively than the rest of their competitor. We integrate by outlining common goals, strategically structuring your sales and marketing teams, and defining and documenting procedures that support your goals.

sales marketing via pervanence

We provide innovative sales and marketing campaign in the 21st century to help health insurance, small and medium sized hospital and assisted living facilities geared toward a huge reach and engagement process. Our services include:

  • A social platform that allowed you to live stream’ to potentially millions of potential customers.
  • Marketing and Sales Qualified Lead- tracking a prospect’s behavior
  • Content Marketing
  • Sales representative reach out to qualify the lead

To solve this problem, sales and marketing alignment is all about setting common goals and then implementing the processes and tools that enable your teams to accomplish them. Partnering with the right outsourcing solution can help you define roles in marketing and sales in a way that helps you move leads through the pipeline more effectively.